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A Brief History

The history of Eau Claire began in 1840, as three frontier villages were created. Two winding channels of water, the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers, separated the North, East, and West villages of Eau Claire. French fur traders gave Eau Claire its name, stemming from the “clear water” of these powerful rivers.

Lumbermen soon discovered the benefits of the rivers and purchased acres of local, government land. The rivers became natural highways, carrying logs from the vast forests of the North to Eau Claire’s new sawmills. Soon after became a tremendous surge of development and settlement in the quaint Eau Claire villages.

This urban sprawl inspired the expansion of a beautiful new community of residential homes, built overlooking the downtown area. This ascending community became known as the Eastside Hill Community and by 1860, East Eau Claire had a population of 640.

Today, even with a population of 62,000 plus, Eau Claire maintains that small town appeal with its vibrant, tree-lined streets and neighborhood parks. The Eastside Hill Community is no exception to Eau Claire’s beauty and charm, situated on a bluff overlooking the Chippewa Valley. From these quiet, friendly streets, residents are accustomed to camaraderie between neighbors and breathtaking sunsets overlooking the historical downtown area.