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Meeting Minutes | April 29, 2010
(Semi Annual Meeting)

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Steering Committee Member(s) Present: Julie Hakes, Mike Gerber, William Kampf, Jamie Kampf, Dennis Plemon, Fern Wenman, Matt Smith, Marcy Smith, Shannon Paulus, Mike Paulus, Ellen Schepkke

Steering Committee Member(s) Absent: Theresa Burrows

Approximately 40 others were in attendance.

Meeting began at 7:00 P.M. at Our Saviors.

Welcome and Introductions

Thanks to Our Saviors for the use of their facility and refreshments. Our Saviors requested an announcement that they are adding a 3 year old preschool class this fall. Contact the church for more information.

Guest Speakers

  • ECPD South Beat 13 – Officer Mike Major
    Officer Major grew up in the neighborhood. He’s been with the department for four years; this is his first year on Beat 13. There are three officers regularly assigned to the beat; there are 8 officers on duty in the entire city at any given time.
    • Generally low crime and case load, but a few concerns:
      • During the summer, high business theft
      • Margaret/Flynn – speeding issues. Many warnings have been issued.
      • If in a crash, please move the vehicles out of the way, if possible.
      • Homeless in the Boyd Park Pavilion – there is a fair number of homeless in the city. If you have any concerns, call the police department.
    • The group raised a few issues:
      • Request for stop or yield sign at Chapin/Emery.
      • Request to limit parking near the Margaret/Highland intersection.
      • Speeding on Fleming/Huebsch (near Belmont).
      • Graffiti in Boyd tunnel.
      • Drug Activity – suggested documenting license plates and times the vehicles come and go. Call the non-emergency number and ask for an officer. They will dispatch an officer immediately. (839-4972)
    • Officer Major stressed all officers are available to community members. If you have concerns, please feel free to flag them down. Also, he also encouraged emailing him at Michael.Major@ci.eau-claire.wi.us. Include your phone number or address in the email and he will respond or stop by.
  • ECASD – Superintendent Ron Heilmann, Board Members Wendy Sue Johnson and Carol Craig attended and responded to questions. 75% of the city’s population does not have kids in school, which weakens a good communication link between the district and general population. The district has $300M invested in facilities. Generally 5% of value should be reinvested in annual maintenance. The district currently invests only $1.6M annually, so they fall behind in repairs.
    • Referendum is likely in April 2011, including two issues
      • What’s happening in the buildings and with student population
      • What are the operational needs
        • 80% of budget is allocated to employee salary and fringe
          • State average is 78-84%
        • 58.4% of budget is allocated to teacher unit salary and fringe
        • 93% of budget is dictated by state. 5% is dictated by federal programs. 2% is “controllable”.
    • The group asked about district approach to bullying, parent volunteers, and charter programs.
    • Discussed the long term plans for the administration building at 500 Main St.
      • Cost to remain in the location: $4.01/square ft
      • Average rate to lease space in city: $8.50/square ft
      • The district currently occupies just the first floor and basement of the building
      • District would need to remove asbestos prior to selling or razing the building. Asbestos abatement will be more cost more than revenue generated by building sale.
    • Little Red School could possibly reopen to address the space crunch of the increasing elementary population. To do so, there would likely be renovation/addition.
  • City of Eau Claire Public Works – Department Director Brian Amundson
    • Discussion of the current state of Margaret Street. Bump outs were added during the street reconstruction in hopes to create a better walking environment and to calm traffic. In 2008, sod was placed in the bump outs, but did not survive the first winter. In 2009 the bump outs were left undone. The city has a landscaping plan that would incorporate trees and a series of perennials. Each intersection would have a different color scheme. Adding trees would add a third dimension, which would provide additional traffic calming. The city would provide the materials for the first planting, but would ask the neighborhood to partner with them. This would be an opportunity for the neighborhood to have an aesthetic feature unique to the Eastside.
      • The plan was enthusiastically received. Many residents indicated their interest in assisting with the project. Possible collaboration with the gardeners in “food not lawns”.
      • Possible implementation in 2010, prior to June 15th. Otherwise would be in 2011 plans.
    • Discussed the Hastings Way redevelopment. In the next 6-8 months the city will look for input. A planner is currently exploring the road and three blocks in each direction for long term redevelopment options. The bid for the project will include up to two underpasses (One near Fenwick/Regis and another near Waterford).
    • Road construction this summer includes a complete utility replacement on Main Street (Our Saviors to Hastings Way), and Hogeboom. As well as addressing the pedestrian issues on Fairfax (behind Eastridge Center).
    • The concrete in the Boyd School underpass still needs to be stained.
    • The snow plow policy was raised. The primary routes (85 miles) have a keep clean policy. Next the 60 miles of secondary roads are plowed. The 200 miles of residential roads are plowed once 3 inches have accumulated. Traffic accidents have decreased with the new policy since drivers are more cautious.
  • Website Launch – Eastside Hill Webmaster Mike Paulus
    The website committee consisted of Mike, Shannon Paulus, Matt Smith, and Pat Klages. The site launched on April 9th.
    • Asking for content suggestions, which can be submitted via forms on the website. Intent of website is to amp up communication in the neighborhood.
    • A PayPal account will be linked to the site for donations, which will allow the association to pursue more projects.
    • An email newsletter will be generated approximately twice a month. These will be archived. The future of the paper newsletter is in limbo. The last home delivery was in 2008.
    • Also have been sending out media press releases to the greater community.
    • Statistics: 431 unique visitors, 817 visits, 4000+ page views. On average a visitor views 5 pages and stays on the site for 6 ½ minutes. The top viewed pages are home page, thrift sale, Sears & Roebuck homes, and steering committee page. 57 comments have been left.
    • Last year there 6 garage sales. As of 6 pm this evening, 27 sales have been listed on the website for this year.
  • Easthill EcoTeams – Ned Noel
    EcoTeams were spurned from UW Extension grant funding. Ned announced the EcoTeam at the last neighborhood association meeting and several households participated. The group met every two weeks to address six themes. The neighborhood association will post more information on the website in hopes to start additional EcoTeams.

Open/Public Comments

  • Kubb – Eric Anderson announced the National Kubb Championship will be held in Boyd Park on July 17th, 2010. The event will be a fundraiser for Girls on the Run and Darfur refugees. Kubb is a Nordic lawn game, also called “Viking chess”. In 2007, 15 teams competed at Boyd Park. Last year 48 teams participated (with a waiting list). The goal for 2010 is 64 teams. There are currently teams from MT, ND, WI, IL, IA, and MN registered.
    • For more information visit www.wisconsinkubb.com
    • If interested in learning how to play, contact Eric Anderson.
    • There is still room for additional teams. Eric also encouraged anyone to come down to watch the matches.
  • Boyd Park – Mark Wesenberg mentioned the city would like the pavilion opened during the day this summer (to provide access to bathrooms and water). Mark is willing to open the doors on weekday mornings, but would like additional volunteers to share the responsibilities. Those taking turns would need to sign out a pavilion key from the city. The pavilion would be open from approximately 7:30 am until dusk. If interested, contact Mark at 835-0456.
  • Ted Barr expressed his opinion on branding the neighborhood as “eastside” hill.

Dismissed general public and convened quick steering committee meeting.

Review/Approval of March Minutes

Minutes from February were reviewed. Matt made a motion to approve, which Julie seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Transactions since last meeting:
    • Deposits: $68 Volume 1 T-shirts, $136.18 CDBG Reimbursement, $0.07 PayPal, $0.08 PayPal, $50 Volume 1 May ad
    • Payments: $27 Gina (newsletter), $250 Action Signs, $157.65 Action Signs, $7.68 William (CDGB grant application copies)
  • Current Balance: $155.07
    • Checking Balance: $139.62
    • Petty Cash: $15.45
  • Anticipated transactions prior to next meeting: CDBG Reimbursement $434.65
  • Julie submitted her resignation from the treasurer position.

Julie made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Matt. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Next steering committee meeting scheduled for May 13th, 2010, 6:30 pm, at Boyd Park.

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