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February 2017 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

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February 16, 2017 EHNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
6:30 PM. at Spirit Lutheran, Eau Claire

Members in attendance: Eric Anderson, Susan Bauer, Chris Buske, Gina Keenan-Klages, Tania Mathews, Traci Ohlmann, Shannon Paulus, Michael Rasmussen, Chad Rowekamp, Mark Ruddy

Members absent: Cortney Draxler, Luke Stordahl

Guests: Officer Todd Johnson, Officer Taylor Comeau, Officer Ellen Schroeder

Treasurer’s Report: January balance petty/checking, $641.61. Expenses deducted: $76 was used to renew post office box which left a remaining balance of $565.61. Upcoming expenses: Renewal for website: Hosting $89, Domain name $15. February treasurer’s report approved.

Secretary’s Report – Secretary’s report was approved.

Welcoming and Introductions:

1. The Association welcomed the officers. They asked if we had issues we would like to discuss.
A. Neighbors were finding empty green bottles on their lawn. Right now it would be a littering charge but no action can be taken unless find out who is doing it.
B. QPR suicide prevention training was held at Spirit Lutheran for youth and adults. Possibly do neighborhood training in future.
C. Margaret Street speed limit was discussed. Speed limit now 25 (unposted). How to get more police presence and for them to give warnings. More enforcement on Margaret Street is requested. Officer Johnson mentioned to contact streets department to get signs – it was done prior but denied. Officer Johnson will ask to get a couple of 25 mph signs placed. Officer Johnson mentioned when stop signs were put in at Fairfax and Skeels that it drastically slowed traffic. Margaret and Highland a good place for a stop sign. Possible trailer could be placed to say 25 mph.
D. Officers were asked if the Eau Claire River area had many problems. Officers mentioned that not too many problems next to the river. Few homeless or someone running through if on a chase. Boyd Park also has not had too many issues. Had a few juvenile racial-tensions last year but lowered now. Eastside hill can talk to South and Memorial counselors and how to work with families in our area to prevent future issues.

The Ways Association Made Eastside Hill a Better Place: Association members mentioned ways they made Eastside Hill a better place to live: Some mentioned were: humanKIND, picking up garage, bringing up green bottle issue.

Old Business:

1. Boyd Park toilet fundraising: Boyd Park community bathroom. Due to successful fundraising and final bid coming in lower, Eastside Hill has $1,575 left over at city parks office for future matching grant projects.

2. humanKIND: Survey being done on Survey Monkey on what residents would like for our neighborhood. 15 filled out so far at time of meeting. Most want block parties, social events, games, etc. humanKIND is looking into getting welcome signs printed with many languages. It is on hold to see the makeup of residents to not exclude anyone. Lori Chilefone will be designing the posters. There was a motion to ask humanKIND committee to bring receipts on their projects to get reimbursed, if over $50 to get preapproval. Motion approved. humanKIND has a facebook page.

3. Margaret Street: Kathy Mitchell on our side. April 25 first meeting on issue city council having; May 1 hearing with testimony.

4. Margaret Boulevard: Mark talked to forester to do tree planting. City will put 21 trees in boulevard from Hogeboom to Nelson cheese. Hogeboom to Main Street not enough boulevard to do so. Mark went door to door to get permission to plant trees on properties. All but one resident agreed to do so. Next year can work on perennial plants and ways to maintain boulevards.

5. Volunteer needed for signs: Cortney Draxler will work with Shannon on what is needed as far as signs and storage.

6. Sports Equipment at Boyd Park: Ok was given from city parks to have tubs near Boyd shelter for sports equipment to use. Someone from neighborhood could check on the tubs regularly. City can put up volleyball net. Suggested to talk to Flynn children on how to take care and put away the equipment when done playing with it. Donations of equipment can come from thrift sales, neighbors, etc.

8. CPR class: Suggestion to have a CPR class in neighborhood; volunteer needed to make this happen.

9. Winter Nights Out: Association served hot chocolate at Boyd Park on Thursdays when held. There were no snowshoes for Association to rent out; Volume One’s initiative with Scheels fell through. Boys and Girls Club had some so they were renting them out this year.

10. BPAC and Sustainability Action by City Council: Council voted 10-2 to change the commissions to committees which could reduce citizen input.


1. Beach access: Need official approval from Shoreline Zoning-Department Natural Resources to go ahead and work on beach. Hoping to keep historical look. Stages will be: 1. Approval. 2. Clear out beach and trail. 3. Raise money for other improvements such as steps going down to beach as it was in past. There is potential federal funding available for this type of project. Possible start around Earth Day.
2. 5013c: $400+ spent only got association state recognition. Costs $800-$900 to get federal access. Also cost $159 for Legal Zoom to be “registered agent”. We can get that back prorated to have Association get mail/be “registered agent”.

* Still openings for up to two more on Steering Committee to relieve Luke and Gina who have little time to be active members. Look for Neighbors to take their places.

Next meeting: March 16 2017, 6:30 p.m. Boyd Park Shelter or Spirit Lutheran.

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