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Boyd Park Concept Images (Sept. 2020)

The pandemic put our Boyd Park Plus (learn more here) plans on hold for a few months, but things are moving forward. As you may remember, after receiving generous donations from neighbors and area businesses last year, we were able to hire local designers Ayres Associates to begin a redesign of Boyd Park off Main Street. By early 2020 we’d had multiple public input sessions and multiple meetings with the City of Eau Claire, a close partner in the design process. Fast forward to July, and the preliminary plans produced by Ayres were approved by both the city’s Parks & Waterways Commission and the Eau Claire City Council.

The Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association Steering Committee is now exploring fundraising and grant opportunities. Thankfully, recent donations from local businesses such as Deborah Becker Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. have allowed us to develop fully 3D plan renderings to help in these efforts.

IMPORTANT: There is still much to plan and many of the details you see in these images will probably change based on more neighborhood input and fundraising, but they convey the general look and feel and footprint of the new park.

Sorry, the images are in a random order. Click on them for a closer look!
Scroll down for notes and highlights.


Notes & Highlights

• The playground equipment may not look exactly like this, but the idea is to have more natural-feeling equipment in the “adventure play” style. There are two playgrounds for different age groups.

• We have designated square footage for a skatepark to be funded by the Eau Claire Skaters Association

• There is less square footage designated to grass than the current park, but the lawn area has been redesigned to be more attractive and usable.

• We have made sure there is enough space to create the ice skating rink we are used to having in the winter time. The trail leading from the warming house to the rink will be slightly longer.

• There is now a sledding hill that can be used as a natural amphitheater-style setting.

• As depicted in the concepts, the new, expanded patio area may be shaded by “solar trees” which will generate electricity to be used in the park and possibly sold to Xcel.

• The expanded patio area provides a shady spot with views of both playgrounds. The area can be used for events, concerts, and vendor markets.

• As depicted in the concepts, there could be a dramatic river overlook designed to mimic the now-gone suspension bridge to Banbury Place.

• Next to the basketball court, we added the possibility for pickle ball courts or other activity space.

• The pavilion and warming house will stay. While much curvier, there is still a walking/biking trail allowing a loop around the park.

• Near the current pavilion, there is a wheel-chair accessible viewing platform overlooking the prairie.

• As depicted in the concepts, we could make improvements to the paths in the prairie area, adding better accessibility and education opportunities.

• As depicted in the concepts, we could add a cantilevered board walk over the riverbank.