Do you live in a Sears & Roebuck kit home?
April 9, 2010 – 3:51 am | 7 Comments

“My family grew up on the Easthill and I have always loved the structure of homes I rode by on my bike and went trick or treating to on Halloween. But it wasn’t until I was helping my ‘then future husband” purchase a home that I noticed how similar many of the Easthill homes look. In fact, you could say some looked exactly the same? So I went sleuthing…”

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Full Moon Rise Over Our Prairie October 24th
October 22, 2018 – 8:17 pm | No Comment

Grab a warm beverage and a blanket, look east at about 7:15 PM from the Boyd Park Pavilion area and watch the full moon rise out of the far end of the prairie. UW-EC Astronomy …

October 22, 2018 – 5:21 pm | No Comment

This governing committee of our Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association usually meets the 3rd Thursday of each month. For this one time we will meet on the first Thursday.
Agenda items include the election of officers for …

Homelessness – Be aware of this issue in Eau Claire
October 22, 2018 – 5:14 pm | No Comment

As homelessness continuously proves to be a problem within our community, an initiative has begun in order to bring all agencies and organizations in the community who work alongside homeless populations together. A nationally renowned …

A Successful Savers Fundraiser
October 17, 2018 – 1:34 pm | No Comment
A Successful Savers Fundraiser

Chad Rowekamp led a successful, $96 fundraiser for our Neighborhood Association by helping to collect and deliver items for a Savers opportunity to receive money for donations on a per-pound basis. In the picture it …

Volunteer in a Way That Fits You
October 9, 2018 – 9:04 am | No Comment
Volunteer in a Way That Fits You

I invited a friend to join us at our September Annual Fall Meeting. She was unable to come but offered, “I can make a cake.” Meeting attendees were treated to a decorated lemon cake, replete …