Do you live in a Sears & Roebuck kit home?
April 9, 2010 – 3:51 am | 7 Comments

“My family grew up on the Easthill and I have always loved the structure of homes I rode by on my bike and went trick or treating to on Halloween. But it wasn’t until I was helping my ‘then future husband” purchase a home that I noticed how similar many of the Easthill homes look. In fact, you could say some looked exactly the same? So I went sleuthing…”

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Amazing Eau Claire Clean-Up 2010 (Eastside Hill Sum Up)
April 25, 2010 – 11:50 pm | No Comment
Amazing Eau Claire Clean-Up 2010 (Eastside Hill Sum Up)

by William Kampf, Neighborhood Steering Committee President
A few brave souls ventured down to Boyd Park during a hard spring rain Saturday morning as part of the Amazing Eau Claire Clean-Up.  Despite the inclement …

Semi-Annual Meeting set for April 29
April 20, 2010 – 9:43 pm | 2 Comments
Semi-Annual Meeting set for April 29

The Semi-Annual Eastside Hill Neighborhood Meeting is all set for the end of the month … As always, the public is welcome to attend a semi-annual meeting. Topics are to include upcoming summer events, …

Backyard Chickens?
April 20, 2010 – 9:40 pm | 9 Comments
Backyard Chickens?

Maybe you’ve heard about a movement in Eau Claire to change city ordinances so they allow people to keep chickens in their backyard. It’s spearheaded by a group called ECLUCK (Eau Claire Leaders for Urban Chicken Keeping, Facebook page) which includes residents of the Eastside Hill Neighborhood. Public comment on the issue is part of the City Council agenda for its Monday, April 26 meeting.

The Amazing Eau Claire Clean-up
April 20, 2010 – 9:40 pm | 2 Comments
The Amazing Eau Claire Clean-up

The Eau Claire Parks, Recreation, & Forestry Department is again organizing the “Amazing Eau Claire Clean-Up” for Saturday, April 24, 2010.
The event will send volunteers to community parks, recreation trails, neighborhood playgrounds, and picnic areas …

April 14, 2010 – 1:44 am | 8 Comments

So I was out for jovial walk with the family (a romp, if you will) the other evening, and while we were merrily strolling through the neighborhood (as we often do), I was struck (as I often am) by an all-encompassing urge. I wanted a tasty coffee-based beverage. Unfortunately, we were upon foot, and the nearest coffee shops would have required either a) a short drive or b) a much longer walk involving the traversal of busy roads…