Do you live in a Sears & Roebuck kit home?
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“My family grew up on the Easthill and I have always loved the structure of homes I rode by on my bike and went trick or treating to on Halloween. But it wasn’t until I was helping my ‘then future husband” purchase a home that I noticed how similar many of the Easthill homes look. In fact, you could say some looked exactly the same? So I went sleuthing…”

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November 1, 2018 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
November 23, 2018 – 8:29 am | No Comment

Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meeting
Official Minutes
Spirit Lutheran Church, November 1st, 2018
submitted by Ben Julian and Mark Ruddy

Members in attendance: Mike Paulus, Shannon Paulus, Tania Mathews, Ann Gunderson, Chris Buske, Mark Ruddy, Chad Rowekamp, Ben Julian, Bob Carr
Members absent: Heidi Carter, Chase Kunkel
Guests: Officer Mike Major, Eau Claire Police Department

Welcome – Call to order by Vice President Mike Paulus at 6:37pm

Agenda Additions – Call for additional agenda items by Mike Paulus, the below added to meeting agenda
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Approval of three previous meetings’ minutes

Overview of previous meetings decisions, specifically the September election and the October Steering Committee meeting to discuss and gain consensus on how to best deal with the results of the election. General reminders and catching-up new members on previous decisions and discussion.

Announcement by Mike Paulus on behalf of Chase Kunkel, that the same would be resigning his position effectively immediately citing time constraints, but that he has elected to stay active with the association and volunteer as possible and where needed.


Police Report, Officer Mike Major
• PD reporting that we had a safe and fun Halloween and no major issues cited during festivities
• Reminder on the crime mapping software and encouragement to use that as desired
• Brief discussion on apparent presence of a new “neighborhood watch” by Chad R. who informed all present that he was stopped by an apparent neighbor on Halloween night, who asked him and his family what business they had in the neighborhood.
• Update on crosswalks down at Just Local Food and the increase in foot traffic and congestion. ECPD will be increasing both car and foot patrols in this area to deal with uptick in near-accidents and failure to stop’s, will be issuing warnings then citations to increase awareness and safety.
Election of Secretary, call for candidates by Mike Paulus
• No candidates volunteered at this time
• Effectively tabled until further notice
• Alternative option brought for consideration would be a rotating position amongst either all, or specifically the at-large, committee members.
Election of President, call for candidates by Mike Paulus
• Both Chad Rowekamp and Mark Ruddy volunteered for position
• Election by secret ballot, ballots collected and counted by Ben Julian, Mark Ruddy was elected to position of President by count of 5 to 4.
• Motion to accept results seconded and voted on, passed with 8 aye’s and 1 abstention

Approval of Minutes, new President Mark Ruddy informed committee that both September’s Steering Committee meetings’ minutes as well as the October meeting’s minutes had amendments to be made. Amendments to the minutes was discussed. Motion to accept meeting minutes as amended was seconded and passed.

November Treasurer’s Report
• Shannon Paulus
Steering Committee
Oct Total: $770.72
-$13.06 Mark Ruddy reimbursement for name tags
-$10.00 Mark Ruddy reimbursement for neighbor’s gas for hauling prairie waste to brush site
Nov Total: $747.66

Oct Total: $378.77
Nov Total: $378.77

Community Parks (Eastside Hill funds, held by city.)

$10, annual filing with state of WI
Skateboard Petition, discussion regarding the extent to which the EHNA should support or encourage the Skateboard group’s move to petition the City for matching funds. As previously decided the Steering Committee will not support the initiative by writing a letter, and would prefer that they raise the funds themselves. Which in turn suggests that we cannot then also express our support in other ways. Committee’s leaning was to inform the Skateboarders that though we support them we do not support this particular initiative. Mark stated that he disagreed with this stance.

Old Business:

Status of Prairie maintenance and Margaret St. perennial boulevards, Mark Ruddy informed committee that a total 270 volunteer hours have been donated to the Boyd Park Prairie, while 70+ hours have been donated to the Margaret boulevards

New High School-aged sub-committee Service Learning opportunity, Mark Ruddy expressed interest in and presented idea to the committee, creating a new sub-committee of High School-aged students to participate in EHNA. Perhaps being an Eagle Scout project or something similar. Discussion yielded desire to making this as inclusive as possible and perhaps appealing to the need for students to complete service hours. Consensus of the Steering Committee was to ask the students to submit a letter and the Committee will choose members based on this. It was decided Mark will draft a letter to be approved by the Committee for the next meeting.

Progress on Boyd Park +, Chris Buske and Mark Ruddy presenting. Application approved by city’s Waterways and Parks Commission to launch River Access Project.
• Mark has offered to meet with new Committee Members individually to discuss the history of the project and serve as a get-to-know-you. Xcel commits to clean up river bank on Arbor Day, April 27. Also, Xcel is a companion source of $500. This project will be a great step to getting a large part of the project complete. Committee then discussed other opportunities to get volunteers to assist with the project. Perhaps special day of service or several volunteer days, paired with a special event or carnival, the Eau Claire clean-up day, etc. Committee will discuss these options further in upcoming meetings.
• Mark has a Matching Grant application available to get access to $5,000 that we would need to match in fundraising. The wording is a little troublesome so he will work with Ryan Petrie at the Community Development Office to cleanup the wording on this and update the Committee afterwards.
• Chris Buske has committed to sitting down with Chris Silewski soon, to discuss a revised ballpark price from Ayres Associates for a conceptual plan.
• Discussion began on forming new Boyd Park+ sub-committee, as well as other committees. Ideas for more permanent committees which will include stakeholders and other neighbors will be a good way to speed up processes and streamline efforts. A permanent fundraising committee is needed for us to begin raising funds for Boyd Park +. We will discuss topic further in future meetings. Ideas for permanent committees include: Fundraising, Communications, Event Planning, and Projects/Volunteering. A part of this process will be to push for more neighbors to join committees.
• Fundraising for large amounts of money as 501c3 will introduce more complexities for Treasurer. Mike Paulus will investigate setting up a PayPal account and Facebook account to allow for online transactions that are easy to implement, auditable, inexpensive and recognizable to donors. Findings to be shared at next meeting.
• In response to our desire to get a Neighbor certified as a chain saw operator available for Boyd Park maintenance, the City stated that only their staff or a paid professional who had their own liability insurance would be allowed to do such work. Laurie Lyne, our Neighbor and a certified herbicide applicator, has worked many hours over the summer controlling young trees that invade the prairie area. Laurie’s credentials have been invaluable this past season.

New Business:

Winter activities at Boyd Park, Mark Ruddy. Discussed opportunities to provide entertainment in lieu of VolumeOne moving to Pinehurst. Committee liked idea of a Family Night at Boyd, serving hot chocolate and food to skaters while warming house is open, setting up lights, music, other activities. Committee will discuss this further at next meeting. Tania will at least for now head up this effort.

Spring project proposal, Mark had idea a “soap box derby”-like races on East Grand Avenue ending in Boyd Park. Providing materials for racers to build their carts and having them build them for the race. An issue with this was raised by several members is the need for insurance and time involved. Bob offered to chat with some contacts at UWEC if we’d like to leverage the UW-Stout angle. This would be a much larger project than a single-day event and incurred cost and insurance coverage would require this to be done in-partnership with a larger group.

United Way event for volunteers, There annual city clean up event could be a source of volunteers for Boyd Park +.

Use of voicemail/voice-to-text as opposed to email, brief discussion by on use of this as a medium. Consensus was that this was not necessary at this time.


By 11/22/18 these minutes were approved by a majority of the Steering Committee: Mike, Shannon, Chad, Ben,Tania, Chris (with 11 members on the Steering Committee a majority is 6 votes). (per Mark R)

October 2018 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
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October 2018 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2018 EHNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
6:30 pm at Spirit Lutheran, Eau Claire.
Members in attendance: Chris Buske, Bob Carr, Carey Hoeft, Tania Mathews, Mike Paulus, Shannon Paulus, Michael Rasmussen, Chad Rowekamp, Mark …

September 20, 2018 EHNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
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September 20, 2018 EHNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2018 EHNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
(5:45 pm social/snacks – 6:30 pm business meeting) at Spirit Lutheran, Eau Claire.
Members in attendance: Susan Bauer, Chris Buske, Carey Hoeft, Gina Keenan-Klages, Tania …

September 13, 2018 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
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September 13, 2018 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2018 EHNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
(Boyd Park Shelter – Eau Claire, WI) This was a special meeting called by the president to finalize decisions before the annual meeting on 9/20/18.
Members in attendance: …

Full Moon Rise Over Our Prairie October 24th
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Grab a warm beverage and a blanket, look east at about 7:15 PM from the Boyd Park Pavilion area and watch the full moon rise out of the far end of the prairie. UW-EC Astronomy …

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This governing committee of our Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association usually meets the 3rd Thursday of each month. For this one time we will meet on the first Thursday.
Agenda items include the election of officers for …