our committee

We’re a collaborative and active group, coming together on every neighborhood project and to keep our neighborhood a fun and safe place to live.

Committee and elections

Our steering committee is voted in every two years. We just had our elections in October 2023. Right now, we  have a full committee, however if someone needs to give up their seat during the two year term, we will need to fill that seat. Please reach out if you are interested in getting on the waiting list.


           President – Chad Rowekamp

           Vice-President – Chris Buske

           Treasurer – Eric Heintz

           Secretary – Liz Julian


Members: Bob Carr, Christine Fink, Pete Raymond, Mike Richter, Chad Shaw, Jennifer Shaw, Travis Welke

Facebook Pages

Our neighborhood has various Facebook pages and groups, please join them to see the latest news!

You can scan the code or click on the links below.


The Eastside Hill Neighborhood

Eastside Hill at Home

Eastside Hill Neighborhood Garden Stand

Eastside Hill Neighborhood Little Free Libraries

Public Art in Boyd Park